Biodegradable Chunky Glitter 50g Purple Iridescent

£18.00 GBP

This biodegradable  glitter puts the *eek* into eco-chic. It lets you create countless kooky looks without harming the planet


  • Biodegrades in the Natural Environment
  • Plant based, Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • Cosmetic – suitable for face, body, hair, nails and crafts
  • Can be used at festivals where regular cosmetic glitter is banned
  • Great sparkle and shine

Apply our Biodegradable Glitter with our Glitter Fix Gel to either face, body or hair for a quick and easy application. Apply a small amount of our gel to clean, oil free skin or hair using either our Glitter Brush or your fingertip, let it start to dry tacky for 10 seconds then pat your new sparkles over the top. TO REMOVE - Use warm soapy water or wipe away and dispose in the bin. 

Keep your Glitter closed in its original container with the lid on and in a cool, dry ventilated safe place. Avoid direct sunlight and damp conditions.


Do not apply to damaged or inflamed skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs, seek medical attention if irritation continues. Rinse eyes with water if contact occurs. Not recommended for children under 3 years.


Cellulose, Glycerin, Aqua, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer. May Contain colorants: Yellow 83 (5567-15-7), Red 17 (85-86-9), Blue 15 (147-14-8), Aluminium (7429-90-5)

Net Wt 1.76oz ( 50g )

PAO: 36 Months

Made in PRC for Pro GLITZ Ltd 

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